SKINCARE (PART 4): A List Of My Skincare Products For Oily Skin

Ladies, first all I apologize for taking so long to post PART 4 of the skincare series blog. Second of all, I have enjoyed writing this blog for you all. It has really helped me step out of my comfort zone by posting all these videos of me doing skincare. Ha-ha.

Now, let’s dive into the final topic of the series which is a list of all the products I used. I will be listing each part and the products I used for that particular part of the blog. So if you are just reading this blog I suggest you check out the previous ones to have a better understanding of the concept. Let’s begin!


Part 1 was about my nighttime skincare routine. Below are the products I used.

  • Coconut oil–I don’t have a specific brand that I like because I feel like they all work the same. I usually find it in the cooking oils section at the grocery store. The only two things I look for are that the label says virgin and organic. Personally, I feel this is the best quality oil.
  • Clinique Liquid Soap for Oily Skin–This is my favorite soap in the world and have been using it for about, if not over, eight years. It’s an amazing cleansing soap and really removes oils from your face. It has also helped greatly with my excess oil production. It has no dyes, artificial coloring, fragrance, or parfums. It is really refreshing for oily skin. Does not leave any residue on the skin. You can find it at any Clinique inside department stores or beauty stores, and online.
  • Face Brush–My face brush is super inexpensive and great quality. It is from Beauty Secrets a brand that can be found at any Sally’s Beauty store. I usually buy three or four at a time and switch them out often to avoid bacteria growth.
  • Toner (DIY)–Ladies as I have mentioned in my previous blogs my toner is completely DIY (do it yourself) and 100% natural. I only use two natural ingredients that happen to be skin loving. Your skin will love it! Ingredient one is green tea, and ingredient two is my all time favorite plant aloe vera. And it’s super simple to make. Just take these two and bring them to a boil in water. For the green tea I use tea bags, and simply cut the aloe vera in chunks. The gel like substance in the aloe vera will dissolve into the water as it boils. Remove it from the heat once it has reached that boiling point and let it cool. Once it has cooled pour it in a spray bottle and ta-da you have yourself a toner.
  • Moisturize–I stopped using creams to moisturize long, long time ago. Since I have adopted a more natural approach I use nothing but naturals oils to moisturize. My two favorite are Argan oil and rosehip oil. Argan oil is much more lightweight and fast absorbing than rosehip, but both have amazing health properties for the skin. The brand I use is Kate Blanc. I like Kate Blanc because of the fact that these oils are certified organic, which make me feel secure about what I am putting on my face. I initially came across these on Amazon, but you can also purchase directly from their website:
  • Massage–To massage my face I use a Jade roller. It is called Jade because it is made of the natural stone called jade. I found mine at a Sally’s Beauty store, but was the last one and have not found another one. If you have a hard time finding it at the store you can also buy it from Amazon. When buying from Amazon always look at the reviews. These help you determine if it’s a decent product or not. Below I will post a photo of one I found that has over a total of 2,000 5-star reviews. That tells you a lot about the quality.


PART 2 consisted of my morning skin care routine. These are the products I used.

  • Wash–Since I do deep cleansing as part of my nighttime routine, my morning routine is much gentler. Therefore, I use a gentle face wash. The face wash I use is from Eminence skincare products and it is made with natural ingredients as well. Now, this is a product that is tricky to find. You won’t find it at any store. Only a certain amount of retailers are authorized to sell these mostly being spas. There are websites that can sell these, but again your best option would be Amazon. This is where I always buy it time after time. Keep in mind this is a mild cleanser which works great in the mornings as all you really need is to remove any oils released during your sleep.
    De-puff–Depuffing the eyes is simple. I usually buy my round cotton pads from my local Sally’s Beauty store because they are thick and good quality. And to moisten these use your diy toner that I previous listed.
    Sunscreen–For sunscreen I have three favorites. Two are from Clinique. One is a lotion sunscreen and the other one is mineral sunscreen.What’s the difference? In my opinion the mineral is much more lightweight. What I love about Clinique’s sunscreens is that they are not greasy at all while most sunscreens can be. Having an oily face the last thing you need is more grease on your face. These two are amazing for oily skin. I like to use the lotion when I notice I have several areas that are more dry than the rest of my face or during winter months. And opt for the mineral sunscreen for the hot months of the year as it is amazingly lightweight. However, these can be a bit pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for and a little product goes a long way, so they are long-lasting products. Still, about two years ago I forgot my sunscreen while on a trip and I wasn’t going to buy an expensive sunscreen when I had some at home. I went to a Target nearby and came across a sunscreen that was as amazing as Clinique’s, but much more affordable. It is from the Neutrogena line. I have been purchasing ever since and use it as my daily sunscreen. You can find it at most super-centers.
  • Under-eye Treatment–By now you know that I am a huge Clinique fan. I told you! So it’s no surprise that my under-eye cream is from Clinique too. It is not much really of cream since it is not heavy weight or greasy. I like to call it treatment because it lightweight and fast absorbing, but incredibly moisturizing. The under-eye area is probably the most dry area for many, and if not properly hydrated cause noticeable fine lines in your makeup. Since it is a dry area it is important to keep moisturized to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Below is a picture of the exact product I use.
  • Massage–Again, for massaging I like to use my Jade roller listed above.
  • Lip Treatment–My lip treatment is rather simple. I use Vaseline with a few drops of vitamin E oil from Nature’s Bounty.


PART 3 consisted of my weekly skincare routine. Like I mentioned in the blog I have four favorite masks, two which are all natural face masks.

  • Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask–I deal with large pores and it’s because of genetics. However, there are days my pores are enlarged more than usual. This mask helps tighten my skin making the appearance of my pores less visible. I swear by this one. It has made an astounding difference in my skin and pores.
  • Clinique City Block Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub–My second favorite! This one serves as a mask and as a scrub at the time of rinsing off. It really exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling amazingly smooth.
  • Toner Mask–This one had readers scratching their heads, but its rather simple. Just use your diy toner that I have showed you how to make as a face mask. Since it is liquid it is common sense that it will dry out or absorb quickly. To expose the skin to this product a little longer just moisten paper towels with this product over your face. (Check our PART 3 for more information.)
  • Aloe Vera Mask–Again, in PART 3 of the series I explain how to use aloe vera as a face mask. I actually am a cultivator of aloe vera plants and have plenty around my home. I use them for skin care as well as a juice ingredient. Aloe vera has amazing health properties beneficial for your skin and body. And fresh is always best. So, find yourself an aloe vera plant pronto and keep it around. You can also find it at a farmer’s market or find fresh aloe vera leaves at you local supermarkets.


These are my favorite skincare products. What do you think? Which are your favorite products?

Keep in mind that every skin is different, hence, will respond differently to partícula products. I share these products not as a recommendation, but as my personal opinion and experience with each. It has taken me a lot of trial and error finding the products that work for me. Which means I have bought countless products and have thrown them away simply because they didn’t work for me or made my skin worse.

Always do your research and test out a product before fully committing. This is one of the reasons I love Clinique. They have a ton of their products in travel size which make it affordable to purchase and try out. You can even get a sample at their beauty counter, so ask if you want to test something out. Do your research, read reviews, test sample products, and come to your own conclusion.

My ladies it has been a pleasure sharing this skincare experience with you all. I hope it has been informative and helpful in some way. A huge thank you to one of my beloved readers who requested this blog. I love your suggestions and even if it’s slowly I will surely blog about it! With so much love, Ana.

P.S. Keep sending me your suggestions! By email, in the comments, Facebook or Instagram.


SKINCARE (PART 3): My Weekly Skincare Routine

Welcome back to the blog! This is PART 3 of my SKINCARE SERIES. In this blog I will share more about my weekly skincare routines.

I like to deep cleanse on a weekly basis and have four all time favorite face masks to do so.

Like I have mentioned in the blogs before, I have adopted a much more natural approach when it comes to skincare. Therefore, two of the face masks I wear are completely DIY (do it yourself) at home.

Before I go into more details know that my NUMBER ONE STEP before masking is steaming my face.

I usually follow my night time routine before masking, but right after step 2 which is washing my face I begin the masking process. Do not worry, there are not many steps to my weekly routine.

I simply follow washing my face with steaming. To steam my face I boil water in a pot, remove it from the stove, and let it cool just a bit. Then I bring a towel above my head placing my face over the pot and allow the steam to come up. Covering helps keep the steam trapped which will allow it to really open up your pores. By opening up the pores you allow the ingredients of your face masks to really sink in, therefore, you get a deeper cleanse.

Now, here are my four favorite face masks that I use as part of my weekly skincare routine. Note, I do not use all four masks per week. I usually pick two and stick to two face masks per week. I like to go in with one natural face mask and one of my purchased masks. See the breakdown of each below.


Due to genetics I have large pores, but there are times that these are more visible than usual. My biggest concern is my cheek area where pores are very open and noticeable. This mask helps me cleanse my pores, but at the same time tightens my skin which helps reduce the appearance of my pores. I usually leave it on for about ten minutes and then simply rinse it off.


I would like to mention that my go-to skincare line is Clinique. I have used Clinique products for over eight years, and this mask is my absolute most favorite product.

I love this mask because it works two ways. One, as a charcoal mask to deep cleanse. Two, as a scrub to exfoliate. How amazing is that?! I also leave this on for about ten minutes and the wash it off.


Well, what is a toner mask? A mask using my toner. I mentioned before that I make my own toner at home. My toner consists of natural ingredients that are wonderful for the skin. I will discuss what is in my toner and how to make it in PART 4 of my skincare series which is my next blog. Oh no! It is coming to an end, but here is a video of the masking process.

For this routine I like to use paper towels. I buy the cheapest kind because the thinner they are the easier they stick to the skin. It is important for the paper towel to stick because it helps the skin absorb the product. Thicker towels, on the other hand, do not stick well and absorb all the product rather than allowing the skin to absorb product.

I take one paper towel and cut it out to the size of my face. I take one dry piece and place it on my clean face. Then, I spritz my face with my toner until the paper towel is wet enough to stick on its own. Now, this mask I usually leave on for about twenty minutes or more. So, I like to put on and watch my favorite TV show in the meantime. When the time is up remove it and gently rinse your face with nothing but water. By the way, I know how crazy it looks because my boys make fun of me every time, but your skin will thank you for it. And you will see the difference, no scratch that, feel the difference right after, so bear with me. Haha.


My utmost favorite natural ingredient or plant is by far aloe vera. I would like to go into all the health properties and benefits especially for the skin, but it is too much information for one paragraph. Maybe I can do a blog? Sounds like a plan.

I like to think of this as an overnight mask, so for this particular mask I just apply it right after step 2 of my night time routine and skip anything after. This means I apply it at night, go straight to bed, allow it to sit overnight, and rinse it off the next morning.

Do not worry because it is not messy at all. It is actually very fast absorbing and drying. For this routine you will need a fresh aloe vera leave. Aloe Vera is actually gooey on the inside. It is that gel-like slimy substance that is beneficial for the skin. Take a fresh leave and cut it.

You can slice it, cut it in half, cut the flat part of the leave and scoop out the clear jelly substance inside. You can basically go about it however you want–however it is easier. Apply the aloe vera gel generously all over the face. You can even reapply more when the first layer has dried. The main reason I use aloe vera is because it helps with acne scars and dark spots. Over time it reduces these until they are completely gone. It is also very refreshing on the face and helps incredibly with my oiliness.


Here you have my four favorite face masks part of my weekly skincare routine. Note, that I do these at night right after step 2 of my night time routine (see my blog SKINCARE PART 1) and then follow my normal night routine with the exception of mask 4. For the aloe vera mask I simply follow it after step 2 and then just stop–let it sit overnight.

I will leave you here a visual breakdown of the masking process so you can have an idea.



  1. CLEAN
  2. WASH
  3. **steam before masking** APPLY FACE MASK

***skip steps 4, 5, & 6 for aloe vera mask***

I hope you are loving and learning something new from my skincare series. It is coming to an end. Stay tuned for my final part of the blog which is PART 4 in which I will list all my products including my diy products. With love, Ana

SKINCARE (PART 2): My Morning Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Having oily skin means your face is constantly releasing sebum even when you are sleeping. Having oily skin myself I like to prep in order to start the day with a clean canvas and protect it from the sun and pollution I will expose it to.

Without further ado here is my morning skincare routine in a step by step breakdown.


Washing my face in the morning is a little different than washing it at night. In the morning I wash it with a much gentler soap than at night. I never exfoliate or scrub in the morning because I do all the deep cleansing as part of my night routine.

I go in harder at night because the amount of accumulated gunk is worst at night since it is gunk from an entire day. While in the morning all I am trying to achieve is remove any excess oil that was released during the night.


Puffy eyes are the first thing noticeable in the morning. To treat my puffy eyes I take a round cotton pad, cut it in two, moisten them with my toner, and place them under my eyes for five minutes.

De-puffing does not have much to do with placing the half cotton rounds under your eyes. The ingredients in the toner that I make myself are what activate the de-puffing process. I will be sharing my all natural DIY TONER recipe in PART 4 of the blog, so keep posted to see the magic ingredients that make puffiness disappear.


I think sunscreen is something that most people take for granted and have no idea how much damage they are doing to their skin by not wearing it. I NEVER go a day without sunscreen. After treating my eyes I treat my skin.

Sunscreens for oily skin are tricky to find. It took me a lot of trial and error before finding the “right one” simply because some where either too heavy on the skin or too oily. However, in PART 4 I will also be sharing my favorites that I have used for years now.

Just to bring the importance of wearing sunscreen a little more into perspective I will share a quick personal experience about sunburning. During the summer I went to the beach and forgot my sunscreen. I was not worried about my face because I was wearing a huge floppy hat. So, without any sunscreen whatsoever I went out in the sun and in the water. Until I got back home I noticed how badly I was burned. Several days later my skin began to peel. When all the peeling had taken place, a few weeks later I noticed two things. One, I had white and dark spots all over my chest, shoulders, and back. They have yet to go away. Two, my skin, especially around my chest area, became extremely wrinkled. These two things were so noticeable even in bad quality pictures. I understood the damage I did to my skin by exposing it to sun. Now, imagine how much damage we do to our face if we expose it on a daily basis. Protect your face.


As you know the under-eye area is very sensitive, but needs moisturizing too. This is too keep it moisturized and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Although you cannot prevent this entirely as aging is inevitable we can still slow down the process a bit and definitely diminish the appearance of these.

I use a very lightweight under-eye cream that is non-greasy and fast absorbing. I will be sharing it in PART 4 of the blog along with all the other products.


Not only do I like to start the day with a clean canvas, but also a smooth one. For one, massaging helps with all the face puffiness we wake up to in the morning. And like I mentioned in my night skincare routine blog massaging also lifts the face. Therefore, a good morning massage will help stimulate the blood in your face leaving you with a radiant and lively appearance.


I suffer from dry lips, so treating them on a daily basis really helps me with this issue. Not to mention, for a flawless lipstick application smooth lips are necessary. Therefore, lipstick or not, good moisturized lips are a must.

I simply use a dab of Vaseline and then add a few drops of vitamin e oil. If my lips are really dry and cracked I use a spooly (a spooly is a clean mascara wand that you can get at any dollar store as a pack) and exfoliate. I let the product sit on my lips for at least five minutes, then I gently scrub off the dead skin, and reapply the products.


Yes! We are finally done. I do not think this routine is complicated at all. It usually takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to achieve.

As you can see my face is now glowing and most important ready to take on the day fully prepared and protected. I just love the after glow my skin has after my morning routine that more than 90% of the time I opt for no makeup.

I do a lot of makeup blogs and wear makeup occasionally. However, makeup or no makeup, my skin always has to be on point and healthy. As you can see skincare takes work, but it is also definitely worth it.

Next I will be sharing my weekly routines that consist of deep cleansing and moisturizing. A moisturized skin equals to a healthy skin which leads to the appearance of a glowing skin. Stay tuned for PART 3 of the blog. Love, Ana.

Cuidado De La Piel (PARTE 1): Mi Rutina de Noche Para Piel Grasosa

Hola chicas. Mi nombre es Ana y estoy obsesionada con el cuidado de la piel.

Porque ustedes me lo pidieron esta semana mi blog será dedicado al cuidado de la piel. Como el tema es un poco extenso lo publicaré en cuatro partes.

Aquí está PARTE 1 donde les comparto mi rutina de noche para cuidar de mi piel. Cuidar de mi cutis es un habito diario así como lo es lavarse los dientes. Mi piel el grasosa y soy de poros grandes. Aquí les comparto mi rutina y los pasos que sigo para limpiar mi cara.

No me enfocaré mucho en los productos ya que en la PARTE 4 de este blog entraré en más detalle de ellos. Quiero enfocarme más y enseñarles el proceso de limpieza, los pasos, y lo importante de cada uno. Entonces empezamos.


Limpiar no es no mismo que lavar. A mi me gusta siempre limpiar mi cara primero antes de proceder a lavarla. Al limpiar la cara removemos la gran parte de maquillaje, sudor, tierra, etc. y evitamos pasear a tales de lado a lado por toda la cara haciendo que queden atrapados en los poros.

Para limpiar mi cutis me encanta usar aceite de coco. Hace más de cinco años bote todos mis desmaquilladores a la basura y opte por usar aceite de coco. Este es mi desmaquillador número uno. Y cómo pueden ver en el video el aceite de coco funciona como si fuese magia. Realmente remueve hasta el maquillaje más pesado sin esfuerzo dejando tu piel limpiecita. Pero eso no quiere decir que ya no hay necesidad de lavarla.


Aunque el aceite de coco funcione de maravilla como quiera es necesario lavar la cara para remover por completo cualquier rastro de maquillaje que haya quedado atrás.

Para lavar mi cara me gusta usar un cepillo o un jabón con granitos exfoliantes porque estos ayudan a remover todo lo que queda atrapado en mis poros.

Al momento de lavar mi cara uso mociones circulares y me enfoco en mi áreas problemáticas que vienen siendo mi nariz, cachetes, y barbilla. Dedico un poco más de tiempo limpiando estas áreas porque es donde más se me congestionan los poros.

Y aun que que mi cara se viera limpia después de limpiar aquí pueden ver cómo quedo mi cepillo después de lavar. Aún se encontraba mucho maquillaje no visible. Por eso es importante seguir este paso y jamás evitarlo.


Antes de aplicar el toner directamente en mi cara tomo un círculo de algodón y lo remojo tantito. Después paso a limpiar mi cara con el algodón solo para asegurarme que ya está completamente limpia y que ya no queda ningún rastro de maquillaje o suciedad.

Entonces una vez ya limpia cien por ciento tomo el toner y lo aplico directamente a mi cara. Dejo que esté se seque y se embeba en mi piel. El toner refresca y humecta la piel después de tanta limpieza.


Aún que soy de piel grasosa hay veces que después de limpiar y lavar ciertas áreas quedan un poco resecas. Entonces es bueno humectar estas áreas después de la limpieza. Además es importante tener la costumbre de humectar la piel para prevenir y disminuir la apariencia de arrugas. De esta manera el cutis se verá más radiante y luminoso.

Yo en lo personal he adoptado un método más natural para el cuidado de mi piel y no uso ningún tipo de crema de noche más que aceites naturales. En este caso uso argan oil para mi cara que es un aceite muy ligero y que se absorbe rápido. Y para mis ojos uso rosehip oil que es un poco más espeso y suaviza mis arruguitas y líneas alrededor de mis ojos.


Para terminar con mi rutina de noche hago un pequeño masaje durante cinco minutos con mi jade roller. Volviendo al tema de arrugas y líneas de expresión me gusta masajear mi cara para relajar estos al igual que mis músculos faciales.

Al momento de masajear es importante girar hacia arriba. Ya que el propósito es levantar y reafirmar la piel que está decaída. Tras varias semanas de masajes se puede ver el cambio donde se va levantando la piel y reafirmando. En mi caso fue más visible en el área de mis ojos y mis cejas.


Aquí tienen chicas lo que es mi rutina de noche para el cuidado de la piel. La pregunta que siempre me hacen es ¿pero siempre lo haces? O me dicen que si no me entra la flojera de hacerlo.

La verdad es que no. Por más cansada que ande siempre, siempre limpio y lavo mi cara. Me gusta mucho invertirle tiempo al cuidado de mi piel. Y en persona se puede apreciar el cuidado que le doy diariamente.

La segunda pregunta que más me hacen es que maquillaje uso asumiendo que mi aplicación de maquillaje se ve impecable por el uso de tal.

Pero la verdad se encuentra en el cuidado de la piel. El resultado de un maquillaje impecable no es por el maquillaje en si sino por el cuidado y trato hacia la piel. Una piel bien cuidada es notable. Maquillajes compro desde el más barato hasta más caro y al fin siempre obtengo el mismo resultado.

Espero y esta blog haya sido informativo al igual que los videos. Para preguntas déjenme saber en los comentarios o mándeme un correo electrónico. Síganme en Facebook y Instagram como YOU GLOW BETTER THAN THAT.

Estén al pendientes de PARTE 2 que se tratará de mi rutina por la mañana. Si, también tengo in rutina de mañana. Les dije que estaba obsesionada con el cuidado de la piel. Besos, Ana.

SKINCARE (PART 1): My Night Time Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Hello ladies. My name is Ana and I am obsessed with skincare.

Because you asked, this week my blog will be dedicated entirely to skincare. Since the topic is a bit extensive I divided the blog in four parts.

This blog consists of PART 1 in which I will share with you my night time skincare routine. Taking care of my face has become a daily ritual like the habit of brushing my teeth–I never miss a day. My skin type is oily and I have large pores. In this blog I will explain with detail my nightly regime and post videos of the steps I follow to achieve a clean face.

I will not go so much into detail of the products I am using since PART 4 of the blog will be dedicated to this topic. For now I just want to focus on showing you the process of cleaning your face, the steps and the importance of each one. Let’s begin!


Cleaning is not the same as washing. I personally like to clean my face before proceeding to washing it. When cleaning the face the majority of the makeup, sweat, and dirt is removed. Therefore, we avoid spreading the gunk all over the face and clogging our pores.

I am fascinated with coconut oil when it comes to cleaning my face. It has been more than five years since I dumped all my makeup removers in the trash and opted for this much more natural approach. This is my number one and one and only makeup remover. And as you can appreciating the video it works like magic. It really removes even the heaviest of makeup applications without a problem leaving your face amazingly clean. However, this does not mean you can skip washing your face.


Even though coconut oil works wonders it is still necessary to wash your face to remove completely any trace of makeup left behind.

To wash my face I like to use a small brush or an exfoliating scrub because these help remove anything that has been trapped in my pores.

When washing my face I use gentle circular motions and focus on my problem areas which are my nose, cheeks, and chin. I spend a little more time scrubbing these because it is where I have larger pores and they become more congested with gunk.

And even though my face already looked clean right after cleaning it you can clearly see in the video how dirty my brush was after washing. There was still a lot of makeup not visible left behind. This is why it is extremely important to follow this step and absolutely never skip it.


Before applying the toner directly onto my face I take a round cotton pad and wet it a bit. Once wet, I wipe my face with it cleaning it gently one last time just to be sure that it is completely clean before proceeding.

Then, once my face is clean one hundred percent I take the toner and spray it all over my face. I let it sit on my skin and air dry it. As it dries you will notice how it is being absorbed into your skin leaving the face refreshed and moist. Toners are great for those reasons. After much cleaning the skin needs refreshing and moisture.


Though I have oily skin I still moisturize. After cleaning and washing there are certain areas that can be left dry, so I like to moisturize the skin after a good wash. It is also important to get into the habit of moisturizing because doing so helps prevent and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Aging is inevitable, but regularly moisturizing habits will always give you a youthful glow.

When it comes to moisturizing, I personally, have adopted a much natural approach. I do not use any overnight creams just natural oils. In this case I used argan oil all over my face since it is lightweight and it is easily absorbed. For my eye area I use rosehip oil that is much thicker, but the consistency really helps soften the wrinkles and lines around my eyes.


To conclude my night time routine I massage my face for five minutes using my jade roller. Going back to wrinkles and fine lines, I like to massage my skin to soften and relax these and as well as my facial muscles.

When massaging it is important to massage in an upward motion since the purpose of this is to lift and reaffirm saggy and tired skin. You will have noticeable results in a matter of weeks. In my case it was most visible around my eye area and my eyebrows.


Ladies this is it. This is my night time skincare routine for oily skin. The one question I always get asked is, “but do you really do this every single day“. Yes, I do.

Regardless of how tired I maybe, I can literally be falling asleep while sitting in front of my vanity and cleaning my face, I have developed a discipline to stick to this habit like the habit of brushing my teeth or drinking water. I practice skincare religiously and in person you can appreciate the fact that I take the time to care for my skin.

The second question I get asked the most is what makeup brand I use, assuming that a flawless makeup look is based on the brand and not actually the skin.

Truth is an impeccable makeup application is based on the health of the skin and how much time you invest in your skincare regime. A skin well taken care of is always noticeable. I buy foundation from the cheapest to some expensive brands and the end result is always the same.

I hope this blog and the videos have been informative and that you take something from them. Any questions please let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. Follow the blog on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM as YOU GLOW BETTER THAN THAT.

Keep posted for PART 2 of the blog in which I will talk about my morning skincare routine. Yes, I have a morning routine too, and I know. I told you I was obsessed with skincare. Love, Ana.

Consejos de Maquillaje: ¿Por qué Mis Ojos No Se Ven Así?

¿Por qué mis ojos no se ven así?

Como los de la chica del maquillaje.

Pregunta que muchas se hacen al ver fotos de inspiración o tutoriales de maquillaje.

Casi en todas partes vemos un montón de inspiración para maquillarse. Siempre lucen perfectas y de ensueño las chicas maquilladas.

Después uno quiere hacerse ese mismo maquillaje y nos decepcionamos que no nos queda para nada igual.

¿Por qué?


Porque tenemos tipo de ojo diferente.

He observado que la mayoría de la s gurús de belleza tienden a tener un tipo de ojo muy favorecedor. Sus ojos normalmente tienen una cuenca muy marcada lo cual define muy bien su párpado para lograr el crease perfecto.

También tiene sus ojos más profundos que no es mi caso. Mi tipo de ojo es chico y rasgado. No es para nada profundo y por lo tanto no tengo una cuenca definida. Eso quiere decir que tengo que usar trucos para dar ilusión de que tengo un crease.

Yo también veo e incluso sigo a muchos gurús de maquillaje y me fascinan sus looks de maquillaje. Intento recrear algunos de estos pero siempre tomo en cuenta que mi tipo de es muy diferente y no muy común. Así evitó decepcionarme al ver que mi maquillaje no es idéntico al de ellas.

Todos los tipos de ojos son bellos. Hay que aprender a trabajar con nuestro tipo de ojo. Existen tantos trucos y tips para cada tipo. Es cuestión de práctica. Entre más practicas una técnica más te vas familiarizando con tus ojos y tu rostro y aprenderás como maquillarte de acuerdo a tus facciones.

En lo personal a mi me gusta practicar mucho la técnica de maquillaje y quizás mis looks no sean tan perfectos como los del momento. Pero he aprendido a maquillarme de acuerdo a mis facciones. He aprendido que es lo que mejor se me luce. Y hay que entender que lo que le luce a las demás no siempre nos lucirá a nosotras.

Hoy en día hay tanto inspiración y consejos tanto de belleza como de maquillaje. Busquen y busquen y observen. Aprendan técnicas y luego apliquen su propio toque. YouTube es un muy buen lugar donde empezar. Y un consejo que les dejo es busquen y sigan a mujeres con facciones similares a las de ustedes. Yo sigo a muchas gurús pero también busco a muchachas con el tipo de ojos como los míos.

Recuerden que la práctica de la técnica es l que hace la perfección. Y no olviden trabajar con su rostros y ponerle su toque propio a las técnicas y rutinas de maquillaje. Espero este blog sea informativo para todas. Besos, Ana.

P.S. aquí les dejo un antes para que puedan ver el tipo de ojos con el que cuento–muy pero muy distinto al tipo normal o común.

Had Time For A Makeup Look Today (Tutorial Included)


Finally had time for a makeup look. It has been about three weeks since I wore makeup. Time has been a factor.

Today I did not necessarily have time to do an entire makeup look, but I saw a window of opportunity and took advantage.

I woke up and applied my foundation, powder, and some blush to go out for lunch.

I was about to wash my face this evening when I realized I had nothing else to do afterwards, so I thought about playing around with makeup for a bit. I did just that. I worked from the makeup I initially had and went on from there.

By the way, I did my makeup just for this blog–no other reason. So, yeah. I did an entire makeup look just to wash it off. I know. I know, but this girl loves makeup and it has been a while since I have gotten to play around.

In my last blog I talked about having a hobby to keep you creative. Makeup is one of my many hobbies that help me explore myself creatively.

Plus, I like looking pretty once in a while and the confidence boost that comes with it. Making time for oneself is satisfying and therapeutic. And there are many ways of making time for you.

I’m not a professional just a makeup enthusiast. I have loved makeup since my teen years. Today I worked with a palette from BH Cosmetics.

This is their Colour Festival Palette. I love BH Cosmetics overall. Their palettes, lip products, and am obsessed with their brushes, but this palette is really amazing.

It consists of shimmers and mattes. The shimmers are extra creamy and blend beautifully. You do not get any patchiness or fallout whatsoever. The shimmers are incredibly easy to apply and are very creamy too. A little goes a long way. There is not much of a need to pack on a lot of it.

I went for more of a metallic look concentrated on shimmer.

It was somewhat of a neutral look, but still had a light pop of color. As I have mentioned before when I go soft on the eyes I like to concentrate the color on the lips and in this case, the cheeks.

Below is a mini video tutorial of this makeup look.

As you can see it was not a difficult process at all. It is a simple look, but the shimmers really make it standout.

Even though it is a simple makeup look, it is something I would definitely wear at night rather than during the day. Simply because the tones even though they are neutral they are on the darker side. These tones are great for a subtle, yet dramatic makeup look. It turned out to be a very sexy makeup look.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and perhaps recreating this look. I know I had my fun! Besos, Ana.

Body Issues: Where and When Do They Start?

After a needed break (yeah, take one if you need it because you matter) I’m back!

This week I want to write at least three blogs (fingers crossed that I stick to my goal) and I want to dedicate these to body image and issues.

I recently came across an awesome video by Fierce by mitú (Instagram: @fiercebymitu) where Latinas talk about their body issues.

As I hear their stories I realize most of the issues with body image began from home. It was their family and even their own mothers who pushed them to be self conscious about their body types.

And I’m not saying this an issue that only Latinas face. Many woman despite of race or background face this challenge.

As a Latina myself I identified with these beautiful women when I heard them speak because I knew exactly how it felt.

I too began to feel self conscious about my weight when family started telling me how I was too fat, how they were considered big girls back in their day and they weren’t even as big as me.

This hurt because I believed I was too fat. I felt insecure. I thought I couldn’t be liked; that there were other girls thinner hence prettier than me; that boys would prefer and like a thin pretty girl rather than me.

I too have been taught to suck in the panza (tummy) for the photo even as a grown woman.

Until I started questioning, why do I have to hide it? Too look good for a picture? Then I realized what was the point in doing so. Yes, I might look good in the photo, but what about when you see me in real life? Would I disappoint? Would I not be good-looking? Where was my real life panza (tummy) supposed to go?

I learned to love the panza in the photos and display it as it was/is. I stopped hiding it because there was no point in hiding something as real as my face in the photo. I learned that what you see in a photo is what you get and are in real life.

I too was told to not eat too much or else I’d be fat.I was taught to look at being overweight or fat as a body image issue not a health wise issue. It was all about appearance and acceptance never about health and healthy living. I didn’t learn this until my late 20’s.

Mother was always a woman obsessed with being thin. Ever since she was very young she wished to be thin and beautiful. I know not because she told me, but because her mother (my grandmother) would tell me about her struggle with weight. She never learned to love herself and despite being a gordita (on the chubby side) she was a beautiful and gorgeous woman, but she never saw it because she was busy listening to other people’s voices instead of finding her own loving voice.

Due to health issues I had to make lifestyle changes like be more physically active, eat a balanced diet, consume less sugars and drink more water. Yes I shaved some pounds and I won’t lie I liked it. I liked how I looked, but I loved how I felt.

Then I plateaued. I put in the work at the gym and ate clean, but I was stuck. I began to get a little bit annoyed. I would look in the mirror and question myself. Why wasn’t I getting results?

But after looking so much in the mirror I realized how strong I had become. I was stronger than I had ever been. I realized how hard I worked for every inch of my body, so I began to love it and myself.

I’m still plus-size and I know people define or label me as gordita (Spanish term for chubby), but hey I’m a happy and healthy gordita. I have stopped listening to other people’s voices and learned to live with every inch, every pound, and every flaw within myself.

My reality is not what other people say or think and neither is yours. Each one of us is responsible for their own reality and yours is what YOU make it and accept. The choice is yours and you will ALWAYS have a choice.

Listen to your own loving voice and speak to yourself with love and kindness. You can break away from society’s reality. I know you can. Love to all my girls, Ana.

Let’s Kick Thirty’s Ass: Working Out and Staying Healthy #youglowbetterthantha

“Don’t be afraid of going slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.” –Chinese Proverb

I am not the fittest person out there (obviously), but I do have great determination to grow and become the best version of myself. With my 30’s around the corner all I want is to be healthier and stronger. I do not want thirty to kick my butt. I still have a lot of things to get done. I have a lot to live for.

Motivation and determination is key in succeeding with your fitness goals, and I know they are both hard to maintain. One day you are motivated and ready to go, and the other you are totally drained.

Three years ago I started my journey of working out and eating healthier. There have been periods of zero motivation and zero determination. These past couple of months I really gave up on myself and this lifestyle. I let go to waste all that I had worked for in three years.

My motivation has always been my boys and my health. When I started having health issues due to my unhealthy lifestyle the first things that came to mind was my boys. It was not fair to them to have to deal with me and my illnesses because as a mother whatever happens to you affects those around you too. So, I stepped up to the challenge and changed my lifestyle three hundred and sixty degrees. I never thought old Ana could become this version of a healthy and strong woman, but when you set your mind to something amazing things happen.

I remember my heart pounding as if it was about to come out my throat. I remember the piercing pain on the side of my ribs when my lungs did not have enough air to grasp. I remember my legs shaking when squatting like a lying long neck trying to stand up. I remember the striking pain in my knee caps burn as I pulled. But every time I felt all this I thought “my boys” that they deserved this version of me.

You would think that parenting gets easier as your children grow, but for me it did not. Every time I found it harder and harder to keep up with my active boys. They are used to playing sports and doing a lot of outdoor activities, and they have always liked for us (their parents) to join them. At least when they were babies that took a nap, but not anymore as preteens.

So these past couple of months have been difficult because emotionally and mentally I have not been at my best. In life unexpected events always happen and even if you know these occur you are never prepared. Then comes this imbalance that is very difficult to fix, but not impossible.

I gave up on myself and recurred to emotional eating to help alleviate my situation with no working out whatsoever. I felt gloomy, unenergized, and overall sluggish. Then, about last month, I realized I was months away from turning 30. I started reflecting on this and realized I am not getting any younger, and we all know that with age come all this health complications and pains here and there.

I thought how I still had so much to do, so many things I still wanted and needed to achieve. My boys still have a long way to go and I do not want to miss out because of health issues. I want to keep up. I want to be a person that does not let age define the things she can and cannot do. I want to be able to things because I want to and I can, and not be held back because of health concerns. I want to feel powerful and strong. I want to be full of live. I really want to enjoy every bit of this life. This is my everyday motivation and determination.

Thirty nor age will kick my ass. I kicking both of their asses.

And I know there will be unmotivated periods, twist and turns, emotionally roller coasters, mental and physical imbalances, but the important thing is to rest. “Learn to rest. Not to quit.” (author unknown) Slow is good. Little progress is good. A start is great. The journey is different for everyone. Do not be discouraged. Go slowly if you need to, but do not stop.